My Profile

Assalaamu’alaykum Wr Wb.

Good morning/evening/night ^_^

ChocoMULatooo ~ my blog’s name.

Me? Just call me Annisa ^_^

This blog is made as a place to share lot of inspiring articles which I’ve ever read until know. So you’ll not find writings from my hand actually, hehe =) Simply, this blog is for sharing lessons of life, insya Allah.

My hobbies:

  • reading
  • browsing good articles/writings on the internet
  • writing –> to ‘sketch’ lot of ideas uproaring in my head into a piece of paper/file  (-_-i) Actually, it is still difficult to do it =(
  • studying –> it is still difficult to study with great pleasure to understand & thank for Allah SWT’s masterpiece. But I’m sure that WE CAN, WE CAN, WE CAN!
  • listening to the music especially Holy Qur’an readers, piano, violin

I love:

  • my family
  • things about health, psychology, geography
  • Celor noodle, ketoprak, pempek,  rendang, Madura’s chicken satay, Padang cow satay –> ORIGINAL food from Indonesia ^_^)
  • jasmine tea
  • mango juice
  • hot & cold chocolate milk
  • good books which give so many things to learn
  • inspiring films especially about Islam, science-fiction (such as Tornado, Dante’s peak, etc), or fiction (such as Harry Potter, Laskar Pelangi)
  • having lot of friends

Just enjoy this blog. After read it I hope you can get something to colour your life & to sweeten our way in this very short life as a preparation for The End Day. Don’t ever give up to get ridho of Allah SWT. WE CAN, WE CAN, WE CAN! Aamiin =)

Good morning/evening/night.

Wassalaamu’alaykum Wr Wb.



  1. Nisaaaaaa

    buruan di update WordPress-nya =)


    • Iya Arin, ini lagi mau diupdate =) Bismillah!

  2. ohoho,
    caranya sangatlah mudah.

    dashboard –> setting
    tombol settingnya ada di menu toolbar paling kiri bwah.
    klik di situ.
    udah deh, ntar nongol Blog title, Tag Line, dll.
    nah, nisa ganti yg Blog Title-nya.

    Skian, slamat mencoba,
    ntar kabarin yah klo berhasil :))

    • Alhamdulillah….. Bisa. Hehehe akhirnya! Makasi Arin X’DD

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